This weekend was so much fun! It was nice and chilly and really felt like Fall. On Saturday we went to an outdoor barbecue with Redemption Church and ate delicious food and hot cider, and got to know people around warm fire pits. It was a cold night so we put Hosea in this adorable little snowsuit. We didn't get a picture but it was seriously cute!
After that we went to a costume party where John dressed up as a Whoopie Cushion, I was a Mexican, and Hosea was a giraffe. I was so proud of how little we spent for costumes! John's was borrowed from a friend, mine was compiled of stuff I got in Mexico (except the hat, that was borrowed from Gabe), and Hosea's was $1 at the MOOS consignment sale.
I went over to a friend's house this week and Hosea got to play on his first swing set! Her kids Gwen and Zeke are so sweet to Hosea and loved playing with him.
Last weekend we took Hosea on his first road trip! It was so much fun. We went to Oklahoma City to visit old friends from college. Hosea did great on the road and even made a friend, Brooks, who is 6 weeks older. He's the son of my good friend Amanda and we had a blast swapping stories about parenting, cloth diapers, and other baby stuff. We took a field trip to a cloth diaper/natural baby store called Green Bambino and even got a little crafty and made our own dryer balls! So fun!

We also had breakfast with Stephanie and Obed, learned parenting tips & tricks from Mary, gained wisdom from Howard, and caught up with Tiffany, Reba, and Tony. 
I had a great time getting to see old friends and I'd forgotten how much I loved living in Oklahoma City... mostly because of the great people I met while I was there. We also had a good time eating at our favorite restaurants: sushi at Pachinko Parlor, cupcakes at Sara Sara, and lunch at Jimmy's egg. 

Everyone loved getting to meet Hosea and I was so proud of his road tripping skills! I'm in a much different place in life than I was when I lived in OKC. God has done so much in my life since I'd last visited and it was great to share that with friends I hadn't seen in a while.
Here are some cute pics of Hosea and Brooks playing together (as well as infants can play LOL)!

I want to start by saying that I absolutely LOVE getting to be a mom! What an amazing task that has been set before me. Never before have I been so joyful or so challenged in my daily life. Parenthood is an experience that you just don't "get" until you're in it! This new chapter in our life holds so many exciting moments and I wouldn't trade it for the world. God has truly blessed John and I with our little man Hosea (three months old on Saturday!) and even after such a short time we can't imagine our life without him. 

One thing I was really praying for upon our return from Haiti were good friends. Getting married young and having a baby soon after meant that we weren't in the same stage of life as our friends. We had a strong desire for a sense of community and people to go through life with. Well, my prayers have seriously been answered! I have had opportunities GALORE to get involved with other women, moms, and community happenings.  Right now I participate in a weekly moms group, ladies book club, ESL classes at church, yoga, MOPS meetings, breastfeeding support group, cloth diapering meetings, playgroups, moms nights out, and library story time. I'm getting to know some of the ladies and moms through these activities and my life is truly enriched by them. I'm also getting to do quite a few document translations for some extra income which is a huge blessing and also keeps my mind sharp and my Spanish in practice. I thought being a stay-at-home-mom would be a breeze but boy, am i one busy bee! I barely have time to take a shower or throw a load of clothes in the laundry what with taking care of a newborn, but I absolutely love my life right now! I try to take advantage of his naps to get things done but I'd much rather just stare at his innocent little face.

Hosea is growing so darn fast. He weighed 6 lbs 7 oz at birth and almost three months later is at 12 lbs! I can't believe that he is already outgrowing some of his tiny little clothes. He coos and smiles all the time, and only gets fussy if he's hungry or needs to be changed. He loves folk-y kids songs (and any type of music, really) and will calm down quickly when we turn on the music. He makes this motor boat noise when he sleeps and it is adorable! His cheeks are so fat that when he lays on his side, his mouth gets squished into this cute little design i like to call "flower-mouth". When he hears his dad's voice he looks all over the place to find him. He is so curious about the world around him and holds his head up marvelously. My favorite thing right now is to smell him. seriously! He smells so good, it's a mixture of his dad and his honey apple baby soap. I could just breathe it in all day! He is such a joy. And as of two weeks ago, he's sleeping through the night. :-)
Even though I love getting a full night of sleep, I do miss getting up in the middle of the night to feed him. Just me and him sitting together in the rocking chair, both of us half asleep, lights out, treasuring the moment. There is nothing like having a newborn!
 Hopefully I'll be able to post more often to update everyone and share pics and stories from our exciting life right now.

Until next time!




Life. Life is good. Life is crazy. Life is worshipping God. This weekend marks the 11th week of our precious boys life. That's a week away from three months. The Lord is taking us on an awesome adventure through the experience of parenthood. He is also continuing to grow us through our marriage. We have had to be more intentional than ever before about working on our married life. As those of you who are parents know that while its joyful to watch your baby all day, it also cuts way down on the amount of alone time with your spouse. So the good Lord has been helping us with that, along with my wife's sweet disposition, and our awesome baby. I love being a father, and a husband! What a blessing! We are currently looking toward what God wants us to do. I'll keep you all updated, and in a little bit put more details of life. I just want you to know we are trying to stay strong in the fight, and live each moment for Christ.