Thanksgiving has come and gone and I didn't get a blog in. Well, like I learned in Ecuador, "Mejor tarde que nunca." Better late than never!
John added another activity to his afternoons last month.. He's now a JV Wrestling Coach at Blue Valley North where he is a para educator. He loves being active and is having fun getting to know the boys he coaches. That being said, he is looking forward to getting his afternoons (and Saturdays) back come March 1!
We stayed in town for the holiday and had a wonderful few days spending time with family! Katie and josh and their four kids came in from Arkansas, other extended family came in too, and we even had a visit from Amanda, Andy, and their baby Brooks! I loved getting to cook, and go Black Friday shopping (you didn't think the tradition would stop once we had babies, did you?!) with friends and family. (I'm also enjoying my fake scentsy I got on Black Friday from Walmart! It's awesome!)
We've also both been active in the ESL classes at Redemption. I even got to translate a sermon into Spanish during our joint service with a Latino church one Sunday! Nerve wracking, but fulfilling, and I'm glad to use my gifts for service to The Lord. I got a part time job working at Diaper Daisy, a cloth diaper store and baby boutique in Mission, KS and have been there two weekends now. I am really having a fun time learning about products, talking to customers, and wearing Hosea! I get to wear him in a woven wrap while I work which is the best part about the job. It has added more fun to my "stay at home mom" title :)
Hosea is still eating and sleeping like a champ. Five months old yesterday, he smiles and giggles like every day is Christmas, coos at daddy, and makes eyes at the ladies. He is a charmer! He still has the softest skin and fluffiest hair of any baby I've ever seen, and has found his thumb. He has rolled over once and sits up pretty well. He is so cute and we are just having a blast getting to be his parents!
God has truly blessed us with SO many things for which to be thankful. Every day is like Thanksgiving.


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