Life. Life is good. Life is crazy. Life is worshipping God. This weekend marks the 11th week of our precious boys life. That's a week away from three months. The Lord is taking us on an awesome adventure through the experience of parenthood. He is also continuing to grow us through our marriage. We have had to be more intentional than ever before about working on our married life. As those of you who are parents know that while its joyful to watch your baby all day, it also cuts way down on the amount of alone time with your spouse. So the good Lord has been helping us with that, along with my wife's sweet disposition, and our awesome baby. I love being a father, and a husband! What a blessing! We are currently looking toward what God wants us to do. I'll keep you all updated, and in a little bit put more details of life. I just want you to know we are trying to stay strong in the fight, and live each moment for Christ.

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